Business card sale

5 reasons why you should be using business cards.

Lets face it. Almost every business out there can benefit from having a well designed, thoughtful business card.
How can business cards be an important part of your business?

business card saleStand out from the crowd

Although they are small a properly executed business card can pack quite a punch. Not just a card for your phone number or email address, you can put some advertising material, or even offer a deal or coupon.


Timeless advertising

Your business card is an advertisement that is always on. Radio and television ads only last for around 30 seconds, after that the
chance to make an impression is gone. Your business cards will make an impression every time a customer looks at it increasing the likely-hood that a customer will use your services/product.


business card saleConvenient, for you and your customer.

Business cards are one of the few advertisements a customer will actually carry with them. They are small enough to be kept in a wallet or purse, or put in holder for later reference.

business card saleEffective

There is no question; business cards work and they do it effectively and efficiently. Including the right information, the right amount of information, and getting them into the hands of the right people business cards can be tremendously effective for generating leads and sales.

Biz Cards Stack

They are on SALE!

Sid Sells Signs is celebrating the business card and for a limited time you get 500 free business cards when you purchase 500. Take advantage of this offer, it may not last long.



500 free business cards

Already have a card design that you like or find effective? No problem, just bring us your card and we will faithfully reproduce it at our sale price on our high quality card stock.

Some limitations may apply (specialty stocks, extra design time), please contact us for more details.  Sale may be discontinued at our discretion.